I’ve been there. I was stuck in a cycle of not pricing myself well, annoyed with my editing, confused with social media, unsure of how to attract my dream clients, venues, etc. 

Whether you’re just getting started or just getting stuck, I’m here for you.

I’ve been in your shoes - wanting to start my own business and grow my passion and skill but not knowing where to start. It can be an overwhelming place to be in and having someone who knows the ropes is so helpful in getting your business off the ground! Learning how to take your side hustle full time and wanting to be confident in your calling is crucial, and I’m here to help.

I tried and TRIED to do it on my own, but it took all of my energy and time away from me, digging me even deeper into the hole I already felt like I was in.

The basic set up of the mentorship package is:

+ 1 hour of mentorship, every two weeks (2 hours per month, this operates on a month to month plan!)
+ Week 1- we facetime (first call is 1.5 hours!) and break down everything that’s keeping you stuck + create a plan for moving forward.
+ Week 2- you’re working on your homework and implementing changes!!
+ Week 3- you come back with questions + updates on the process; we make necessary changes + adapt!
+ Week 4- you implement said changes!!

And repeat.
The fun part is, you don’t have to keep the same focus each time. Need lightroom help? Lets tackle it. All of the sudden you hate your social media approach? I’ve got you. 

It IS possible. Let’s tackle the how

What you need to know

Mentorships are custom, and are anything but a one-size fits all. Imagine having someone that is there for all the hard, weird, or even “embarrassing” questions? Someone who is on the other side and has known what it's like to feel frustrated and discouraged, but now is supporting her family on this one income alone? It’s. Possible.

I’d love to truly be your friend.

I’d love to share more about my mentorship offerings - so hit me with any and all of your questions! I want to make sure that I serve you best and make the most of our time together.

+ Taking your business to a full-time income
+ Building your portfolio and getting referrals regularly
+ Having confidence behind the camera


x Struggling to take your business to the next level
x Hitting roadblocks with skill and editing
x Needing help learning the ins and outs of photography (like posing, lighting and more)


Curious if this is for you?

And by that I mean that I want to support you, encourage you, and tell you hard truths sometimes. Growth won’t come from always hearing what you want to hear. Trust that I have your best interest in mind and can see things from a sky-high view. You’re WORTH the investment.

let's talk vision

Ana is an AMAZING mentor, I'm so glad to have find out that she offered mentorships to struggling photographers like me enhance their editing skills in Lightroom. She genuinely takes the time to explain/show how everything works that after our hour session I dove right into editing the album I was working on at that time without feeling clueless for once, I’m so happy with the outcome! I will be booking more mentorships with Ana in the future. 

- Destiny W.

Booking with Ana was an eye opener! She really helped dissect my website and pricing for my business, as well as gave great do’s and don’ts. She was incredibly helpful and really explained how to better stand out for my target audience. I knew that she would be a great help. After the session I felt so relieved as well as excited to work on my website! 

- Alyssa L.

I’m so happy I booked Ana’s “Website + Social” mentorship package! She truly gave me a fresh perspective on my photography website. We had our call via FaceTime and she took her time to thoroughly review and discuss each page. She gave helpful suggestions and explained the importance of having a good website that not only showcases my hard work but also provides a clear navigation to visitors aka potential clients. I highly recommend this mentor session to any photographer! 

- lucy m

My website to me felt like it was basic. It had all the info but no personality. I really wanted my personality to show through my website so my clients could know me before meeting. Ana made it so easy for me to explain how I felt + we simplified everything to make my website flow. Having a flowing website is so important because truly you only have a couple seconds to grab a clients attention. Ana gave me so much guidance on how to improve my website for the better and helping me add my personality to it! 

- Erin N.

What you’re signing up for:

After 10 years of running a photography business, I've seen the ins, outs, ups, and downs of this creative job. And nope, its not oversaturated, and YES, there IS a space for you here. 

I’ve had 5 years of full-time, sustainable income from being a photographer, 3 of those years passing 6 figures. I went from 33 weddings in 2022, to 57 in 2023 (not saying ANY of yall have to work that much LOL), BUT what I’m saying is I know how to scale growth and market to the right audience, and I can get you there too.  Let’s link arms and GO!!!

$600 per month
3 month commitment is $500 per month

Ana here

+ 2 hours per month of face to face (facetime!!) calls (first month has 2.5 hours)
+ Quick answer messaging- I want to be accessible + help with quick questions during the week if you need them.
+ Exclusive access to any workshops/retreats + a discounted rate
+ Lifetime friend + biggest cheerleader!!

This is for you if…

+ You’re thumping your head on a glass ceiling. You KNOW there is a way to level up but don’t know HOW.
+ You’re a newby!!! New to the photo world and want to know how to turn your passions into a full-time sustainable job.
+ You need some website help!! Whether that’s wording or layout structures, I can help you see through the customers eyes as they view your services.
+ Your social media is struggling. I’ll show you how to make attainable growth (not viral- we want sales, not empty followers!!!) + turn it into clientele.
+ You’ve got Lightroom questions and just can’t break through some editing frustrations.
+ You’re not entirely sure where to go from here- you need someone to view the logistics of your business and give you practical ways to move forward.

Once you reach out via my contact form I’ll get back with you within 48 hours M-F! From there we will briefly discuss what it is you’re looking for in a mentor to make sure that we’re the right fit. Once we do that I’ll send you over a contract and invoice to lock us in!! We will then set up our meetings for each month back and forth via text. These meetings are where the real magic happens!! We will chat through all the things that are holding you back right now. Once we’re done, you’ll have practical change and homework implemented to complete or set into motion before our next meeting. As each meeting + homework flow happens, just watch the growth unfold!!!

So what’s next??

let's do this!!!

Growth is one click away!!

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