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is so crucial because no matter what, there will be some sort of external factor you can’t control (the biggest example of this is weather). Having a photographer that is adaptable to unforeseen circumstances is the key to making sure you feel cool, calm and collected. I’ve lost count of the number of oh-no moments that turn into “oh, okay!!” because I’ve got plan b, c, and d ready to go.

+ happy guidance

Adaptability (or flexibility!!) -

+ Emotional awareness

+ happy guidance

+ Adaptability (or flexibility!!)

Emotional awareness -

(notice how none of these are even related to taking photos) I chalk it up to a life heavily involved in psychology, but also firmly believe that emotional awareness is key. Not only to ensure that I catch these moments on the camera, but know how to navigate the different level of emotions that can occur and how to be sensitive + respond in a way that positively impacts any given situation.

happy guidance -

+ Adaptability (or flexibility!!)

+ Emotional awareness

This is just my goofy way of saying I know how to direct, raise my voice, and take charge without sounding mean or rude. Almost every wedding I have several family members come up to me and say (after family photos), “wow that was so easy! And you were so nice about it too!”- it makes me sad that it’s almost shocking for them to encounter a nice photographer, but thrilled to make it happen + make the process efficient and enjoyable!!

After photographing 200+ weddings, I can promise you that the most important thing when it comes to vendor choices is choosing a photographer that you can seriously see yourself spending 8-10 hours with (because that’s what will happen!!). I believe the best approach for this is adaptability, emotional awareness, and happy-guidance!! Let me explain:

and now we’re here

Such a crazy, funny way of life going full circle. I have always had a deep sense of creativity and a unique way of viewing people and the world we live in. Photography has been one of my favorite outlets to capture this!!! (of course at 5, it started with bugs and flowers 😊)

As the years have gone on, I’ve narrowed my services to weddings, couples, and branding/portraits. While I LOVE all of these, weddings have my heart. The depth that weddings bring is unlike most things in our world today. The wedding day itself is just the tip of the iceberg that has been growing and shaping for months and years, and the challenge of documenting all that depth in one day just thrills me. I’m constantly scanning for glimpses under the surface!!!

Whether you are looking for someone to capture your full wedding day, an elopement ceremony, engagement photos, a couples photoshoot, or branding + portraits, I’m your girl!

It all started with a Christmas gift when I was 5, 

I was born in Cali + adopted to Indiana!!

a few fun facts

Big plant girly. I think I have 27??

For my enneagram people- I’m a 6w7!! 

In my down time I’m likely making a new playlist, ordering thai food, going for a walk, or re-organizing something

Pink is a big theme in my house- my husband is colorblind so he thinks it’s gray :)) 

I’ve got an english bulldog named Dwight- yes, I’m a big Office fan 

I have seasonal joys- summer=farmers markets, fall=walks!! Color!!, winter=home with the fireplace on + lots of game nights, spring=inside bc ALLERGIES.

When I’m not photographing a wedding on the weekends I’m probably on the worship team at my church!

I love holistic health + psychology- been on a LONG journey here and I love seeing connections between the body + mind!!

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